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PR Predictions for 2012: The New PR Pro

PR Predictions for 2012: The New PR Pro

Like everyone else, I’m eagerly anticipating the start of the New Year. There is just something magical about having a clean slate ahead of you, ready to be filled with exciting happenings, both personally and professionally. On that note, this PR Pro will be serving up predictions over the coming days on the changes she […]

Three Reasons why the Press Release will Survive Social Media

It’s an on-going debate – are press releases still relevant as a communications tool in today’s age of social media? The answer is yes. Journalists may rant against how many off-target press releases they receive in a day, and call for its immediate demise, but that fact remains that a press release is still seen […]

Why a Corporate Blog without a PR Strategy is a Crisis Waiting to Happen

While catching up with Social Times, one of my favorite blogs, their latest post about how companies can use a corporate blog to bypass the media proved to be too provocative a topic for this PR girl to pass up commenting on. I shared in a comment on the blog my viewpoint that PR is […]

Lose the Fear. 3 Simple Tips to Get Blogging More in 2011

It’s a new year and a new look for DigitalPRFix.com. And I’m making a commitment to spice up things in 2011. What better way to do this then by making it a priority to post more. To get started, I’ve taken three simple steps to help meet this goal which in turn can help you […]

In PR? Why You Need that iPad

It’s no secret that I’m a huge fan of the iPad. Granted, at first I thought, will I ever really use this thing? The answer is yes, yes and yes! It has become an indispensable part of my work life. In fact, all PR pros can benefit from adding an iPad to their arsenal of […]

Should You Friend a Competitor Online?

Pepsi and Coke did it on Twitter. Southwest Airlines and Jet Blue did it at Tweetup over a game of Guitar Hero. So what’s keeping you from friending your competition on social networks? Really, it’s okay to hit that follow or friend request button. You just might find the benefits far outweigh any negatives and […]

How Amazon’s Kindle 3 Won Over this iPad Fan

So after much deliberation, I just pre-ordered the new Kindle 3 A couple of things you should know. One, I’m an avid book reader, with a pile of books that are threatening to topple over and bury me underneath. And two, I confess that making the transition from traditional books to e-books has taken me […]

Apple’s Perfect PR Trifecta

Earlier today, I posted about what Apple could have done to avoid Antennagate. It should have been the first to come out and say that some users were experiencing problems with their iPhone 4s. Now, after having followed today’s announcement, all I have to say is: Way to go Apple. This PR girl has to […]

How Apple Could Have Avoided Antennagate

Right now I’m at my desk watching live blogging from the Apple press conference addressing “Antennagate.” For the record, I love my iPhone 4. I pre-ordered to beat the mad rush and I have enjoyed every minute of it – its glossiness, its display, its design. No doubt its been a conversation starter but inevitably […]

Welcome to Digital PR Fix

Welcome to Digital PR Fix where I chronicle my experiences as a PR professional in the digital world. I entered the PR industry 12 years ago, straight out of college, and jumped right into the frying pan, so to speak, by joining a young, hip and up-and-coming PR agency. Fast forward to the present and […]